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Chris O-How you doin'? I like the Ajazz Encrypted stuff you are doing. I
haven't been able to get into one of your episodes yet, but maybe this
weekend when I am home for break.


rwheezly, let me start off by saying thank you for actually watching
and responding to our podcasts. Your criticism enables us to work out
the kinks in our podcasts. Yes, you are correct in the fact that I am
not "grammatically talented", but the point of my article wasn't for
people to criticize my grammar. The point of the article was what I
thought about Halo 3, and by setting aside some grammar mistakes, you
can understand and realize what I'm trying to say. I wrote the article
relatively late at night and did not check closely enough for these
errors because I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. As for my analogy, its the same gist that Ajazz was relating, only in a different format.But
hey, all differences aside, thanks for watching and interacting. This
is exactly the kind of stuff we need in order to make our shows better.Kcic


I should be more specific when I explain myself sometimes:-). If you want to know which book I put Apple in, it would be my "ok" book (I can't just have a good and bad book, where's the fun in that?). For now, I'll give Apple a slap on the wrist. When and if there is a successful launch of Leopard (not a Vista disaster), I will think about putting them into my good book once again. I understand that these are two very separate issues, but my books have their ownset of rules. In other words, if they can redeem themselveswith something else, (not changing the fact that they werewrong), I will bump them back up into my "good" book. I'll work on my "flip flops" as well. I like constructivecriticism, and any share of comparison to help me understandmy faults (Kerry~isms) is well received. Feel free to remainas casual or as proper as you wish. As for John, he is nolonger allowed to post without a grammar and spell check. Your response is appreciated.

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